Somebody Cares Tampa Bay
24 Hour Prayerline vision

God has placed in our hearts a vision to offer God's love and concert to our community. Offering a message of hope 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a phone hot-line that includes prayer and referrals to compassion based ministries and organizations that meet our callers spiritual as well as physical felt needs.

CALL 1-877-800-PRAY (7729)

It seems God's name is used often of television and in movies, but in conjunction with cursing, not praise. HE is not well advertised as a powerful source of help when in need. People are hurting, frightened, alone, confused and frustrated. They need a place to turn, so they have turned to the imitation of hope offered bu the psychic networks and false religions.

As a counter to this movement, we believe God is calling Somebody Cares Prayer Line to advertise His love and concern for mankind's needs. We consider our ministry a missionary/evangelical field to the new cellular generation who are always on the go and on the phone. In keeping with the times we live in, we are designing a ministry to meet spiritual as well as physical needs. We are advertising a phone number to call anytime from anywhere and reach God's love and care through our loving prayer partners.

Psychics offer to tell the viewing public their future, but we want people to know only God holds the future and only God can change it. The world needs to know that God cares and is an ever-present help in times of trouble. They need to know that a church family is the greatest strength in those times of trouble.

Through the vision of this ministry, we intend to see the love of Christ unify our community as we compassionately reach out to the secular community through the prayer line. We offer hurting people love, compassion and prayer along with referrals to churches and ministries that meet their spiritual and physical needs. We believe that out of this vision, God intends to bring about and explosion of new life in the body of Christ. New Christian hungering for discipleship are entering into the wave of revival that is now moving in our churches today. We thank you for wanted to be a part of God's work here in our community.


24 Hour Prayerline

Directors: Dave & Linda Morrison


To offer to the community a toll free phone number to call for prayer and offer referral numbers to compassionate crisis organization to meet the mental, spiritual and physical felt needs of the people in our community.


To establish a community prayer line as an alternative for real hope to the unsaved, hurting and burdened people in our community. We desire to offer God's unconditional love, mercy and hope expecting life changing miracles through prayer. In addition we will also lend a hand of compassion by offering referrals to organizations and churches that can meet our callers mental and physical needs too.


To canvas our community with advertisements on Television, Radio, Bus Benches, Street Signs and Business Cards left in public places we encourage people to call our toll free number for hope and help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. calls are forwarded to our volunteers who will take a minimum two-hour shift once a week. We offer anonymity to both callers and volunteers. Anxiety is eliminated as callers reach out to God for hope and help through prayer and crisis referrals.


Through loving care, prayer and support, spiritually and physically, we can connect the hurting and the lost to compassion organizations that will be able to minister to their needs and foster a relationship with Jesus.

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