Somebody Cares Employment Empowerment Program

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Our Mission

To empower minority youth who have experienced abandonment by one or more parents to know the love of God and be equipped for meaningful employment and a purposeful life.

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The Heart Behind This Program

Jesus is the answer. We, as the Church, need to bring the practical implementation of what that means to our communities. Pastors, elders, and staff members will submit candidates with whom they are in an ongoing accountability relationship to Christian employers and employers of good will who have agreed to be part of the program.

Key Implementers

Christian and other business owners and managers of good will provide training, skill development and employment to minority youth who are disadvantaged because of the absence of one or more parents. In addition, they will also agree to reinforce the values of what is imparted by the local pastor.

Pastors of African American and minority congregations will develop youth and young adult African Americans by imparting to them Christian values and principles.Pastors, their staff and elders will personally mentor these potential candidates for employment on a regular basis.


How It Works

Somebody Cares will notify employer that they have a new applicant.  Applicant will go through regular procedures for employment consideration.  Employer is encouraged to speak to the pastors and others who are involved I the development of the young person.  If employer decides to hire the candidate, itis suggested the pastor, candidate and employer meet prior to starting employment.  Employer will send monthly employee evaluations to the pastor. Pastor will give a monthly report of the progress from their weekly engagement.


Desired Outcomes

Desired results are to see characteristics developed such as timeliness, faithfulness, respect, diligence, humility to learn, care for others, etc.  The youth or young adult will develop in character, behavior, skills that would help them to continue to be productive in life and a positive influence on the lives of others.


Candidate Requirements

Candidate must be known by pastor for no less than six months and a regular attender of services.

Candidate must be willing to be accountable to pastor or designated staff person.

Candidate is not addicted to or consuming alcohol or any other drugs.

If there is a parent involved, parent will co-sign with their child in agreement to this program and will do all they can to ensure their success.

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