1. Train 200 churches on evangelism (only 5% of the churches in the Tampa Bay area.
  2. Get at least 50 members from each church to share their testimony four times a week.
  3. If accomplished, this would result in touching 2,080,000 people annually with the gospel.
  4. Can we believe God for 1 million people to come to Christ in the 5 counties of Greater Tampa Bay by 2030?
  5. Success could be measured through baptisms, with churches reporting the number of baptisms in the five county area (posting only the combined, not individual totals).
  6. Can we believe 1,000 churches would have 100 baptisms
  7. annually?
  8. By adding our numbers from 2021, we could reach 1 million followers of Jesus Christ.
  9. This mind-blowing and huge vision would mean we are in full blown revival/awakening! It would mean we are fulfilling the book of Revelation, seeing it fulfilled with the great harvest of souls in our lifetime!