CareFest and COVID-19

CareFest helps homeowners-in-need with minor home improvement and beautification projects. But we need your help. Many of our faithful volunteers are facing their own crisis at home. Families are struggling and the needs in our communities are increasing. Our CareFest homeowners have been asked to be patient, but theirprojects aren't becoming less urgent. Now more than ever, we must gather together and help those who cannot do for themselves!

But can we do CareFest during COVID-19?

Yes! Many CareFest projects are outdoor projects that only require between 6 and 10 people to perform. So, social distancing is not only possible, but will likely occur naturally throughout the process.*

My county/city is under a mandatory mask order. Do I need to wear a mask?

The current mask orders apply to public indoor spaces. Whether or not you wear a mask when indoors at a CareFest home is completely up to the CareFest homeowner. Often, CareFest homeowners are in a high-risk category, so we do expect many will prefer that anyone entering their home wear a mask. It is our policy that our volunteers comply with the homeowner's wishes. However, if the homeowner has an indoor project that requires lifting, carrying, or anything that could induce an increase in heart rate and breathing, that would be considered exercise and our policy is to discourage masks for those projects. If the homeowner insists on a mask in those situations, their indoor project will be postponed in the interest of the health of our volunteers.

What if the homeowner tells me I need to wear a mask outside their home?

Per CDC guidelines, wearing a mask is NOT advised during exercise. Projects always require some level of physical exertion, especially in the heat. We do not want any of our volunteers to experience overheating, difficulty breathing, or inhibited oxygen flow. Therefore, it is our policy to discourage mask-wearing while performing any outdoor projects. If the homeowner objects to our policy, their project will be considered unsafe for volunteers and declined in the interest of the health of our volunteers.

We adopted a project but it's not at a home, it's in a public space. What do we do then?

In those situations, please follow your municipal or county ordinances. You are welcome to select projects outside your local area if you are not comfortable with the those mandates.

*Volunteers will receive a Letter of Recommended Practices During COVID-19 to fully support everyone's health and well-being.

We are looking for project submissions!

Do you know a homeowner who is struggling with a landscaping or painting project? Do you have a minor home repair that might cause damage to your home if left unaddressed? Do you know someone living in an unsafe condition? Please let us know by sending the following information in an email to

(1) Owner Name | (2) Property Address | (3) Contact phone number | (4) Best time to contact

Or, you can call us at 727-536-2273 to submit a project!