Food Donations

The demand for food through our office has increased ten times in the past few weeks. Dozens of families each day have come in off the street asking for help. And, our food partners have been overwhelmed with requests.

Here are 7-Steps to a Drive-up Food Drive!

1. Select a date that your church or organization will conduct the drive

2. Share the urgency of the need and invite people to participate

3. Let them know to clean out their trunks before the drive

4. Ask them to bring any unused canned or boxed food

5. Select a central spot in your parking lot to receive food

6. Direct drivers to pull up to the unloading point and open their trunks

7. Have a volunteer move the food from trunk to receiving site.

Catalog of 500+ families we are serving

Simply call us at 727-536-2273 to arrange to drop off food.*

If you would like to help financially so we can provide food for families, you can donate HERE

*We are also accepting donations of clothing and household goods.