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Here at Somebody Cares Tampa Bay we want to take the time to recognize the people and organizations that partner with us. Each month we will take a moment to share with you one of our partners and what they do.

Farm Share

Food distributor

A Florida-based non-profit, Farm Share is the only charitable packing house in the Eastern United States. Roughly a quarter of the food that is distributed is fresh food: produce, dairy and meat. Tampa Bay families can now be blessed with fresh food through our Food Program thanks to our partnership with Farm Share!

Last week, a single-mom from Largo named Jacqueline came to see us. She's caring for her 66-year-old mother and her five children, ages 15, 14, 12,13 and 10. "They just eat so much at this age! I can't keep enough food in the house," she said. We were able to offer her nutrient-rich plantains to add to her family's food bag.

So far in 2020, folks in our community have been blessed with a variety of food through Farm Share, including frozen meals, milk and chicken.

Now that our warehouse is receiving regular shipments from Farm Share, we have a need to store perishable foods so our food partners, area churches and local non-profits can be blessed by receiving this food. Currently our refrigerator and freezer space is severely limited. Would you consider making a donation so we can add to our cold storage? We want to be the best stewards we can of this blessing so that none of it ever goes to waste. You can donate HERE to help Tampa Bay families receive fresh, healthy food throughout the year!

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