Somebody Cares SPOTLIGHT

Here at Somebody Cares Tampa Bay we want to take the time to recognize the people and organizations that partner with us. Each month we will take a moment to share with you one of our partners and what they do.

Gagnon Foundation

Thank you to the Gagnon Foundation for partnering with us by helping to sponsor our 12th Annual Gala & Auction, Join the Journey.

The Gagnon Foundation is involved in numerous different outreach programs, one of which is the Inspire Equine Therapy program that uses horses to help teens and adults with life challenges. Some physical benefits witnessed in equine therapy are improved balance, coordination, muscle tone, and fine motor functions. Psychological benefits include increased independence,  motivation, and self-control through a fun new opportunity for social interaction. Self-esteem soars as riders learn to control their mounts. Vocabulary development and sequential  learning contribute to cognitive gains. Equine assisted services can help seniors reconnect with memories.

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