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Here at Somebody Cares Tampa Bay we want to take the time to recognize the people and organizations that partner with us. Each month we will take a moment to share with you one of our partners and what they do.


Home Improvement

What many people don't know about Somebody Cares Tampa Bay (SCTB) is that all of our programs are dependent on donations-in-kind. Whether it's helping a homeowner-in-need with a CareFest project or moving supplies to natural disaster refugees, donations by local businesses are a critical component to meeting these needs.This month, we'd like to recognize Lowe's Home Improvement of St. Petersburg for their contributions to our programs--especially in meeting the need for multiple top-of-the-line generators that we were able to send to the Bahamas thanks to the generous discount offered by Lowe's.

Through our SCTB disaster relief program and the fundraising efforts of Tampa's Cornerstone Christian Church, we provided much needed generators to Hurricane Dorian victims. Our relationship with Lowe's Home Improvement over the years encouraged them to help our fundraising dollars go as far as possible. We didn't ship a few generators to the Bahamas--we shipped 9 top-of-the-line Caterpillar 6500 watt generators! Thanks to Lowe's, we were able to make a powerful impact in the recovery efforts for Bahamians.

For 22 years, SCTB has been able to accomplish much when the Tampa Bay community comes together in unity. We are blessed to know that even a Fortune 50 company such as Lowe's Home Improvement recognizes and serves the needs in our community and beyond. Lowe's stepped up when the need was great. Thank you, Lowe's, for being a part of making caring contagious!

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