Somebody Cares SPOTLIGHT

Here at Somebody Cares Tampa Bay we want to take the time to recognize the people and organizations that partner with us. Each month we will take a moment to share with you one of our partners and what they do.

Operation Blessing

We have been partnering with Operation Blessing since 2001. With their help, we gave away over 120,000 lbs of food at our Supperbowl, along with other goods and services we provided. 12,000 people attended the Supperbowl, and 1,210 people were reported giving their lives to Christ.

We have helped them establish a distribution warehouse in Ocala, as well as 6 distribution spots across Tampa Bay. They continue to provide us with our monthly food truck that feeds 1,200 individuals, which we divvy up are distribute to our many different food partners that feed the hungry through various ministries.

Our relationship with OB has also made disaster relief possible. $2.4 million were contributed to disaster relief in Florida alone. We have also worked with Operation Blessing to bring international aid when Indonesia needed disaster relief from tsunamis.

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